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How to plan your journeys

It is often a good idea to have a quick look at the journey that you are going to make before setting off.  This is true for both transport and recreational journeys and is especially true when you may be going somewhere that you are not familiar with.  In days gone by you would use an A-Z but now with the internet and modern smartphones you can take your map with you in your pocket.  

It's a good idea to plan your trip first because it will give you a lot of important information: 

  • accurate journey times (& therefore arrival times)
  • an idea of the distance & whether the route has a lot of elevation change (hills)
  • helps you to avoid busy/dangerous roads or intersections
  • helps you to avoid dead-end roads
  • make your trip faster, more efficient & more enjoyable by being sure of where you are and where you're going

Listed below are a few websites that we recommend for planning how you will get from A to B via foot bike or public tranpsort. 

Google Maps -  A useful internet mapping tool for discovering the best way of travelling from A to B.  Has useful cycling, walking & public transport functions to see different routes that may be unavailable to motor traffic.
CycleStreets - Another really useful route planning tool specifically for cyclists.  Allows you to specify what speed you will average unlike Google Maps, thus giving you a more accurate journey time.
MapMyRide - A great site for finding new routes in your local area and for planning some of your own.  Has a sister site for runners (& walkers) MapMyRun
Sustrans Journey Planner - Online mapping tool to help you use Sustrans' National Cycle Network for your walks or rides.
Connect Tees Valley - A journey planner for all public transport & more in the Tees Valley

If you can’t find what you are looking for you could always Ask Paul or nip down to The Hub and meet some of the team face to face. We can give you a personalised travel plan or even arrange for someone to cycle or walk your route with you.

You can also click on anyone of the downloadable cycle maps below or drop into The Hub to pick one up.
Cycle Map Stockton (North) 1484Kb  
Cycle Map Stockton (South) 1325Kb  
Cycle Map Stockton (Town Centre) 627kb 
Self Guided Ride Maps 4166Kb