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What we've got going on in 2015

You can contact the Hub team on 01642 803441, e-mail: or 'like'  thehubstockton on Facebook

Weekend Guided Rides

All rides are fully risk assessed, insured and marshalled in numbers to help you with navigation, traversing difficult terrain, basic bicycle mechanics & first aid. Unlesss specified all meet at the Hub on Bridge Road.  You do not need to book onto any of our Guided Rides (though a friendly phone call never harms!) just a quick registration form needs to be filled in when you arrive and you can use all of the many free activities that the Hub offers.

Cycle Sisters (CS) - Ladies only rides
Easy Riders (Easy) – Short rides; great for new or returning cyclists
Pedal On – Slightly longer versions of the Easy Riders, same gentle pace.
HUB Rides – Fully supported rides for all abilities.



Sunday 1st – Hub, Hemlington & Hilton [Hub] (10:30 – 13:00) – 19 miles Grade 3

Saturday 21st – Ropner Rover [Pedal On] (11:00 – 13:00) – 13 miles Grade 2

Sunday 29th – Infinity 8 [Easy] (11:00 – 12:30) – 6.5 miles Grade 1


Sunday 29th – Devonport Diva [CS] (10:30 – 13:30) – 23 miles Grade 3 Meeting at Myton House Farm Pub in Ingleby Barwick

Sunday 19th – Porridge Ride [Hub] (10:30 – 13:00) – 17.5 miles Grade 3


Saturday 9th – Preston Park Pedlar [Pedal On] (11:00 – 13:30) – 14 miles Grade 2

Sunday 17th – Airport Flyer [Hub] (10:30 – 13:00) – 19.5 miles Grade 3

Sunday 24th – Roots Route [CS] (10:30 – 13:00) – 18 miles Grade3 Meeting at Aldi Car Park in Yarm


Sunday 7th – Preston Park Pedlar [Easy Riders] (11:00 – 12:30) – 5.5 miles Grade 1

Saturday 20th – Stokesley Circular [CS] (10:30 – 13:30) – 21 miles Grade 3 Meeting at Romano Park, Ingleby Barwick

Sunday 21st – Western Villages Run Out [Hub] (10:30 – 13:00) – 16.5 miles Grade 3 Meeting at Sainsbury’s car park, Stockton on Tees


Sunday 19th – Southwards to Northallerton [CS] (10:30 – 14:00) – 30 miles Grade 3 Meeting at Aldi car park Yarm

Sunday 26th – Castle Eden Turf to Surf [Hub] (10:30 – 14:00) – 30 miles Grade 3 Meeting at Wynyard Woodland Park Visitors Centre


Sunday 9th – Great Ayton [CS] (10:30 – 13:30) – 20 miles Grade 3 Meeting at Myton House Farm Pub, Ingleby Barwick

Sunday 23rd – All Routes Lead to ‘Roots’ [Hub] (10:30 – 14:00) – 25.3 miles Grade 3 Meeting at Preston Park Museum


Sunday 6th – Norton Duck Pond [Easy] (11:00 – 13:30) – 8.8 miles Grade 1

Sat 12/Sun 13th – Cycle Sisters Tour [CS] – 110 miles Grade 4 Meeting at Yarm Town Hall (times to be announced closer to the time)

Sunday 20th – Kildale Cafe [Hub] (10:30 – 14:30) – 37.2 miles Grade 4 


Sunday 4th – Ropner Round [Easy] (11:00 – 13:30) – 5 miles Grade 1

Sunday 18th – Loop the Tees [Hub] (10:30 – 13:30) – 22.1 miles Grade 3 Meeting at Yarm Town Hall


Saturday 29th – Wynyard Wheeze [Hub] (10:30 – 12:30) – 17 miles Grade 2 Meeting at the Tees Barrage (South Side)


Sunday 13th – Christmas Cracker [Hub] (11:00 – 12:00) – 3 miles Grade 1

Weekday Guided Rides

Easy Riders (for those new or returning to cycling) Tuesdays 11am

Are you wanting to get back on a bike but havn't been on one in years?  Not sure that you want to go spend hundreds of pounds on a new one only to let it rot in the shed?  The Easy Riders Guided rides are here to let you try out cycling using our loan bikes and helmets.  The rides are over small distances, at slow speeds and most importantly they stick to local cycle paths.  If you're unsure about cycling on the road, don't know of any local cycle path routes or just not sure whether you can still ride a bike (or ever have) then join one of our Easy Riders rides on a Tuesday at 11:00 starting from the Hub.  Bike rental is available and completely free, as are the rides themselves.  We can also offer helmets and the security of having knowledgeable friends around you that can help you deal with any difficulties.  Whether it be fixing a puncture, making sure that a route is safe to travel on, providing advice on cycling or just offereing some good company.

Pedal On (the next step up from Easy Riders) Thursdays 10am

Designed as a fortnightly intermeidate ride between the Easy Riders & Silver Cyclists.  Pedal On proved so popular that it is now run on a weekly basis.  The pace stays roughly the same as Easy Riders, with many of the same people attending both.  The distances however, are increased.  Despite this the ride is still easily manageable because of the cafe stop often included with no-one left behind and plenty of marshals to help out with any problems.  The rides start at the Hub at 10am on a Thursday with bike hire & helmets available as usual.

Silver Cyclists (Cycling for the over 50's) Fridays 10am

If you are over 50 and want to get back in the saddle or just join a group of like minded people seeking fun and enjoyment out of cycling; then Silver Cyclists is for you.  Our most popular ride with 20 people attending regularly.

Wheels On Wednesday (Rides with faster speeds and on-road riding) Wednesdays 09:30am

If you are looking to progress your cycling to using the road network then this mid-week guided ride is perfect for you.  The ride still uses the cycle network but branches off to use the roads as well, allowing you to travel further, faster and to a larger variety of places.  Feeling confident riding on roads is a necessity for most people who'd like to start making more of their short journeys by bike.  Not many of us have a segregated cycle way all the way to work and back!  Alongside our adult bikeability tuition this ride can encourage you to take to the roads and feel confident to go about your daily journeys in a healthier and more sustainable way.

Cycle Sisters (Women's only cycling group)

Cycle Sisters is a FREE Stockton based women's only cycling group that aims to get more women back into cycling. 
Currently in the UK, about 3x more men ride bikes than women and although the popularity of cycling in the UK is growing fast, the numbers of women riding bikes is falling.
Cycle Sisters want to change this. We cater for women of all ages with relaxed, fun and non-competitive rides and can provide cycling tips and tricks. All activities try to accommodate the busy work and home commitments of women today.
What does the club offer? (all services are free)
  • Fun and relaxed rides at times to suit busy home and working lives.
  • Ladies only cycle maintenance courses.
  • On-road cycle training from your door or place of work
  • Bike MOT’s and minor repair service
  • Route planning and guidance on cycle trips
  • Impartial advice on buying a bike, clothing and accessories
  • Bike fitting service
  • Womens Cycling Network – connecting women with similar cycling journeys either to work or purely for recreation.
To find out more email or 'add as a friend' "cyclesisters hub" on Facebook.
Find us on Facebook         

Cycle Maintenance Courses

Half day and short evening cycle maintenance courses.
Location: ‘The Hub’ – Stockton Active Travel Centre, 17 Bridge Road, Stockton
Course times: Call for information
Course tutor: Christopher Tidd, Sustrans. Cytech Level 2 Mechanic
What to wear: comfortable clothes that you don’t mind possibly getting a bit grubby (it’s all hands-on maintenance).
Equipment: tools provided, bikes too.
At the end of the course you will be able to:
• Name the parts of a bicycle.
• Identify which parts to lubricate.
• Demonstrate knowledge of the appropriate oil or lubricant to use.
• Perform the basic ‘M’ Safety check.
• Use a “Quick Release” to remove and refit a wheel in a bicycle.
• Remove and refit a ‘nutted’ wheel in a bicycle.
• Remove the tyre from the wheel
• Repair and replace the inner tube into the tyre.
• Correctly set gear indexing and derailleur limit screws.
• Accurately set up V brakes (pad alignment and cable tension).
• Adjust both threaded and threadless headset systems.
• Correctly adjust a cup and cone bottom bracket system.
For more information and future course dates contact:
Christopher Tidd, Project Support Officer, the Hub
01642 803441
Or visit our other website:
1/2 day course
Evening course

Bike MOT Days (Free Bike Checks & Adjustment)

Once a week on every Friday the Hub's professionally trained mechanics turn there attentions towards the public's bikes.  As long as you bring your bike in on the Friday morning we'll check your bike over and tune things like brakes and gears to get them working like new.  Each bike comes with a full report of what was altered and what may require attention from a bike shop either urgently or in the near future.  If required we can give a rough idea on how much it would be to replace said parts (including price of labour from a local bike shop).  Our Bike MOT does not replace any parts, we will however adjust brakes and gears so that they function correctly and safely.  No need to book, just bring your bike in on the Friday morning and we'll have it ready to pick-up by 4pm that day (often ready earlier) you may need to fill in a hub memebership form but that takes at most 5 minutes.

For information on the MOT days visit our website

Or call 01642 803441 or e-mail:

Adult Cycle Training

At the Hub we have several Bikeability instructors who are happy to help those living or working in Stockton to make more of their short journeys by bike.  The training provided is up to the National Bikeability standard Level 3, showing you how to use the road network correctly, safely & with confidence.
The training is delivered on a one to one basis, at a time to suit you and can:
  • Provide training on a route of your choice e.g. your daily commute to work
  • Show how to cycle safely and efficiently in the town
  • Improve your current level of skills
  • Show how to use on and off road facilities to their best advantages
Contact the Hub on 01642 803441 or email


Guided Walks

Guided walks are available through the Stepping Out in Stockton project.  These walks are available weekly and fortnightly from various locations in the Stockton borough.  You can pick a leaflet up from the Hub (released every two months) or visit our website where the current leaflet is available for download in pdf format.
There are a variety of walks to choose from and the majority are suitable for beginners, & also are wheelchair & pushchair friendly.  The walks usually last an hour and are organised with a coffee stop at the end.  Completely free to attend.
You can also find some Guided Walks that you can walk by yourself on Stockton Borough council's website.

Nordic Walking Classes

Nordic Walking uses specially designed poles to enhance your natural walking experience.  It is genuinely a whole body exercise that can be enjoyed at many levels, from walking for health to Nordic running.  More than 10 million people globally enjoy this outdoor activity all year round.
Nordic walking:
• Works the whole body, using 90% of your muscles (swimming which uses 35 per cent or running which uses 70 per cent)
• Makes you work harder, but feels easier.
• Burns up to 46% more calories than normal walking
Great for those:
• Taking up exercise to get fit and lose weight
• People with joint problems
• Exercise during pregnancy
• Recovery after injury
“In 6 months I lost a stone, waved goodbye to the bingo wings, rediscovered my waistline and I definitely have less cellulite, even my husband said my bum was smaller”
Nordic Walking Mum of two
“Sitting at my computer all day kills my back. After my evening nordic walking class, I’ve really relaxed, its like a massage for my neck and shoulders and I sleep so much better”
Nordic Walking Site Manager
For more information and to find a walking instructor near you see: