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  • [Stocktons big Challenge - A Project by Sustrans -  Slideshow Image]
  • [Stocktons big Challenge Slideshow Image]
  • [Stocktons big Challenge - A Project by Sustrans -  Slideshow Image]
  • [Stocktons big Challenge Slideshow Image]
Stockton's BIG Challenge September 2014
Stockton’s BIG Challenge challenges Stockton residents and workers to walk, cycle or use public transport for more of their short journeys.  Why Do It?
Starting Monday 14th of September and ending Friday 17th October, particpants are asked to log as many short journeys by foot, bike or public transport in that time period.  Especially those trips that they would previously have used the car for.  
At the end of the challenge prizes are awarded to for different categories.  You can view more on the prizes here and the winners will be announced 24th October.
To take part, all you need to do is register and log your daily walking or cycling journeys on the challenge web site.  Just one entry will put you in the running to win one of the great prizes. All active journeys count even recreational trips round the local park and the minimum time for walking is only 5 minutes and the minimum distance for cycling is just 1 mile!
Once again for 2014 there are some fantastic prizes on offer in the prize draws, from an evening meal for two at Vadah restaurant to a family friendly Halloween event at RSPB Saltholme.  We've tried to work with local Stockton businesses in order to help the wider economy of Stockton.
So far challengers have managed to log 3951 walking trips and 4259 cycling trips and save a massive 13.8 tonnes of Carbon dioxide; burning just over 695 parmo's in the process. So let's add to those figures this September!

2014 Guided Rides

Guided Walks in Stockton Cycle Training

Cycle Sisters - heels on wheels!
Cycle Sisters is a FREE Stockton based women only cycling group aiming to get more women back into cycling. 
Currently in the UK, about 3x more men ride bikes than women and although the popularity of cycling in the UK is growing fast, the numbers of women riding bikes is falling.
Cycle Sisters want to change this. We cater for women of all ages with relaxed, fun and non-competitive rides and can provide cycling tips and tricks. All activities try to accommodate the busy work and home commitments of women today.
What does the club offer? (all services are free)
  • Fun and relaxed rides at times to suit busy home and working lives.
  • Ladies only cycle maintenance courses.
  • On-road cycle training from your door or place of work
  • Bike MOT’s and minor repair service
  • Route planning and guidance on cycle trips
  • Impartial advice on buying a bike, clothing and accessories
  • Bike fitting service
  • Womens Cycling Network – connecting women with similar cycling journeys either to work or purely for recreation.
To find out more email, visit the cycle sisters website or 'add as a friend' "cyclesisters hub on Facebook.

Your Comments

Have your Say About Walking or Cycling in Stockton. The best walking or cycling stories will be awarded a new prize each week.

Email us your WALKING story now


Email us your CYCLING story now

Katy M says: Walking between work, school and childcare has given my children and I a great chance to talk in a way we wouldn’t have had in the car.
Angela C says: I’ve never felt so fit and healthy in my life and its all down to the goals I have set myself.  If I can do it anyone can.

The Results So Far

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What's your Parmo score?

Work out how many parmo's you can eat after the active travel you have done this week - it's surprisingly few

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